Where in the World

is Erika going to blog from? (sing that like it's the Carmen Sandiego theme song) Now I am reporting live from the computer lab on campus. I'm doing some last minute cramming for my last final of the semester!!!! I can not wait until I do my final look over of my test, make sure I'm happy with my answers and turn that crap in without looking back.

I am tired though. The Sunday before last I went to get gas and the pump kept telling me "lift nozzle and press start". I did what it said and nothing happened. I finally pressed the speaker button and talked with a guy inside telling him to cancel the transaction. He said he did so I scooted up to the next pump and got gas. Sure enough, I check my statement online a few days later and I was double charged. I gave someone free gas without even knowing about it.

So I went to the gas station to dispute that today, went to the mall to return Smashbox eye base that does not work (my eyelids crease eyeshadow non-stop), ate some Tokyo Joe's, got a McD's ice cream cone since it's blazing hot (did you know The Dog is back??), returned a book I barely used this semester ($44 refund and I paid $85..not too bad) and now I'm in the lab.

Lately days have been jam packed with stuff to do. Must. Slow. Down.