The Mac Store

How I love thee. It's not always a good thing coming in here. Right now I'm typing from on a G5 desktop with the biggest monitor I've ever seen. I'm waiting for my 6:30 p.m. appointment with a Genius Bar tech. I'm just hoping my Einstein is fixed and all better. This waiting and nothing happening is killing me. Happy Cinco De Mayo though. Hope you're shaking your groove thang, having a good time, and possibly drinking a margarita for two as well. Viva!! hehe.

I went to a baby shower last weekend and made the growing girl a navy blue baby hat. Of course. But it was cute and had two knots in the i-cord on top. When all is well I will upload a pic of that too. Being the only one at the shower with zero kids, I couldn't believe I won the timed-diaper-the-teddy-bear-and-swaddle-it-in-a-blanket-contest. The diaper was very tight, but I won. Got some candles out of it so I am still happy about that. I'm just glad we didn't have to do the eat-nasty-baby-food-and-guess-the-flavor-game.

After Tuesday school will be over for spring. Can't take summer classes because of the times they are offered. And fall semester awaits me with five classes. Three online and two on campus. Oh yes, I am crazy if you didn't already know. I have faith I'll get through though. The finish line is just too damn close.

I miss so many things and I'm looking forward to many more. Things I miss: keeping up with journals, updating more, taking more pictures, having more free time, making more items, knitting (a tad), and my computer. Not having my computer is like not having a car. It's just not natural for me at all.

34 minutes and counting...