So much has happened that has been great. My presentation went well. I think there are things I could have done differently but what else is new. Saturday morning I went for a long power walk and was sore for three days after that. I bought a hydration pack, strapped on my ipod, and was out. The weather needs to get nicer so I can do that more often. Since the cost of working out was so high at my dr. ($69 a month), I got some red weight bands for working out at home. After school is over (Tuesday is my last day!), I can work out regularly again. My chiropractor said everything looks good and I don't need to come back for a long time. The strength training worked.

I had some issues with charging my computer when I was about to present on Tuesday. I thought it was nothing. But yesterday I was working on my computer with it plugged into the wall and the battery just kept draining. Then the screen turned black with a ghost image on it. It hasn't turned back on since. I went to the Genius bar last night but they were already closed. I think my monitor blew up. I miss getting on my computer, I hope it's fixable since I haven't backed up my machine.

I was excited for today because I need a perm badly. Today's the day and I can not wait to walk into the new salon and get pampered. My fro needs some work. After that I am going straight to the Genius bar. Hopefully they can fix Einstein.

Send Einstein your prayers and happy thoughts please. I'm worried.


The make-up brush rolls are coming together and turning out to be very cute! I'll make my delivery on Saturday. I want to take pictures and upload them but I can't right now since Einstein is acting up. I'll post them soon.