Blizzard 2005

It's crazy over here. Just when I thought it was time to start considering J.Crew bikinis and shorts that are inappropriate for work, the snow comes raging in.


There's so much snow right now that church was cancelled this morning.


I had plans to see Sin City with my sister in law, Aasyia. I highly doubt that's going to go down now.


The study was completely overhauled yesterday and old files were shredded and the whole room is organized. I love my study now and I can actually work in here now. One of the things that was shredded was paychecks from '99. It's crazy how you accidentally hold onto things.


I think I'll watch Gladiator again and keep working on my final project for Technical Communications. The rest of the house is looking all Pottery Barnish, the one thing left is the bedroom. *sigh*


I keep fighting the urge to order pizza and have a pizza delivery guy trek over here in the waist high snow.


A little bored and you know what that means. Time to play with the camera of course.


I kept waiting and waiting for this site to update and add Illustrator tutorials. It looks like that will never happen since it's closing its doors. Designs by Mark will be missed by me and I know I'm not the only one.