Jam Packed

This whole "Illustration Friday, Psych, It's Really on Thursday", is throwing me off. Plus this week was nothing short of busy so although I have my sketch for Travel done, the illustration is not complete. This week was full of work, school (one test and one quiz), talking to the chair of the journalism department because I have a major scheduling conflict that has been going on for about two years now, registered for fall classes (full load of four classes for me), took my dad out to eat with my family for his birthday, had Ethiopian food for the first time, getting a 100 point inspection on my car, and working out.

I've been working out three times a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Everytime it has been the same disco music and it was driving all of us insane. Especially the part where our trainer (who can not sing) will sing along with the Cake Song at the top of her lungs while we're trying to work our butts off. The song that goes, "and I'll never have that recipe AGAINNNNNN, OOOHHH NOOOOO". Good God I can't stand that song now. So yesterday we got to work out to the radio. Thank you Lord for the radio.

I was flipping through US Weekly and I saw a little blip about Jessica Alba in Sin City and we're doing the same workout. It turns out she was doing 30 minutes of cardio and then completing a circuit. That's what I've been doing before I even knew she was. Pretty cool because her body looks good in the Sin City previews and hopefully I'll get to see Sin City today.

The Ethiopian food adventure was all right. It's heavily seasoned like Indian food and I'm not into that so much. It was cool to try something new though. Give me American, Mexican, Thai, or Chinese food any day and I will love you forever.

For my final project for technical communications, I think I'm going to show how to create an illustration tutorial. So I'll be using my travel sketch and it will be a full fledged illustration soon.

Have a great weekend!