When I was getting my hair did last Thursday, I was flipping through my stack of magazines trying to catch up on gossip, beauty, etc. The doctor's office and the hair salon are basically my only outlets to what's going on in entertainment and fashion magazines. That and standing in line waiting to checkout at the supermarket.

But anyway, one of the illustrations for an article on cleaning up your workspace was beautiful. It showed an African American woman with a little fro of curls smiling at her desk that was right by the window. I wanted to find the illustrator and go to his/her site when I got home.

One problem though, there was no credit given. I searched the page for initials, "illustration by...", the back, the front contents....nothing. So I did a silly and vague search on google for "Essence Illustrator" and I found this link. More illustrators are showcased and maybe I'll find the one I liked the most.

*edit* - AH! Look who I found?! Adrienne Yan. I thought she looked familiar and TA DA, she's the illustrator for the Stitch 'N' Bitch books. I love her work.