It's over! I didn't sell much this time around but I did make a lot of connections, business and otherwise. The events are just full of so many cool and creative people. It's impossible not to have a good time. The music was pumping, the people were packing in all day, and the positive words people were sharing with me were awesome.

I've updated the photography page with pictures from the event.



One of the pictures has a woman with an orange knitted and felted bag that was TOO friggin cute. Must make this bag. Squint and observe to see what I'm talking about. Gorgeous.


This little stylish boy was too cute. I have red light bulbs on my table and he came over, looked to the left, looked to the right, and came so close to putting a bulb in his mouth. He thought they looked delicious. He tried again a couple more times but he's not sneaky enough. His mom and I noticed him and cut him off at the pass. They do look delcious though, can't blame him.


Thank you so much Steve for manning my booth so I could use the ladies. More than once. LOL. So thanks.


I got all the way downtown and remembered I had no chair. I left it at home so I bought this one last minute. It was complimented all day and it was comfortable. Can't complain.

Your good luck wishes worked, the event was a blast.

And now I'm craving chinese food like you wouldn't believe, must eat.