The Caterpillar.

"The Story" - Chiustream Contest This is my entry for the Caterpillar contest on Sketchoholic.  This is the site Bobby Chiu is starting to migrate his Chiustreams over to instead of using Ustream.  My style is completely different than everyone else who submits to the contests there but I just went for it and we'll see what happens.  Bobby features artist interviews and he just interviewed Kei Acedera last Saturday, the first female artist to have an interview.  On top of that, he proposed live!  It was very sweet and everyone was nervous for him in the chat.  So cute.  The interview for this contest is with Michael Kutsche tomorrow and he was one of the character designers on Alice In Wonderland.

I would love to win a print from him but even if I don't, this submission pushed me and helped me learn even more.  This limited edition print and others available in my shop.

If you wouldn't mind, vote for me!  :)  Voting starts in a couple hours and  ends tomorrow at 9 p.m. GMT.  Thanks!