I just got some wonderful news!! But I can't share the details right now, don't want to jinx anything. But let's just say a rainbow is definitely visible after the storm of my sickness. There is just no telling what the future can hold when you have a mentality of no regrets. It's tough to do every day but no matter how much heartache I feel, at least I had a new experience and there was something learned by the pain. It's funny how you wish your hardest to be in a better position of opportunity and once it's given to you, you can get consumed by doubt. Can I deliver? Will I fail? What did I just ask for that I can't get out of now? How can I not blow this?

Questions upon questions. Forever trying to push through and reach goals. Just have to turn the volume down when it comes to those questions. I will do my best and let you in on things later.


The search for something to go on this face continues. Thank you for letting me know what you use, I will be doing some more testing and your info helped me narrow things down a bit. I'm loving Lu's suggestion of just using powder and I'm trying that out with Bobbi Brown's powder (doesn't make my skin do crazy things) in Basic Brown. I put on Aveda eyeshadow (not foundation) with a wet brush and it didn't crease all day. I'm still in shock. And Sonia, I WISH I had a Sephora out here. That was my favorite shop in New York. I should write them an email and tell them to build one out here.

If you have a Sephora near you, you are truly blessed. ;)