Beauty Woes

I am getting frustrated. The search for just the right foundation is bugging me to no end. I think it's tough enough just finding a foundation but when you have a darker shade of skin, that goes up even more. I just want something that makes my face look better, polished, not overdone. Whenever I go to the M.A.C. counter, I leave looking like a drag queen. Thick eyelashes, glitter everywhere, and cakey heavy foundation. Checking out Makeup Alley is driving me nuts. So far I have tried Aveda (too dry and wrong shades), Bobbi Brown (makes my skin do crazy things and wrong shades), Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (wrong shade)...and that's all I can think of for now.

The first time I was introduced to makeup was at my aunt's house and I was a freshman in highschool. My cousin Tiffany was using Prescriptives Tint that you had to shake for it to come together and it was the consistency of water. Pretty okay for a first foundation.

I know it exists. Halle Berry always looks great and Angela Bassett is on Alias looking very dewy, moisturized, and fresh. No ashy and dry looking sisters. Oh yea, and there's Jada Pinkett too. It has to exist.

Do any of you have anything your particularly love? Any push in the right direction of finding a great foundation for black skin would be wonderful. I'm getting a headache over here.


As for Illustration Friday, I don't think there will be a submission again this week. Have to focus on the show on the 19th. Making items left and right.