There is some bug that seems to be going around biting everyone in the butt. On Sunday, it was my turn. I woke up and swallowed to find a huge lump in my throat. I thought it would go away but it slowly turned into a teeny tiny opening and anything that went down my throat hurt like hell. So after the Oscars I took Nyquil and went to bed. I was in bed without television or anything until 5 p.m. on Monday. Our class had one last review before our test on Wednesday so I went to school. My teacher was sick too so she let us know that she was letting us out early. Yesterday I was too sick to go to work again but I had a test in another class so I had to get up and go handle that. I think I did well. It took all of my energy to go to class.

I'm still weak and congested but I'm back at work. One last test tonight and then the school week is over. Thanks for the get well wishes, I'm trying!! This bug sucks :(


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Finally, a new Copper!

I love this just because I loathe "Family Circus", hehe