Can't Breathe

I'm waiting for the Oscars to start and my brother to come over and change out my lightbulbs. I would do it but I have no ladder and it turns out I'm not tall enough to reach even with the assistance of a two couch pillows and a chair from my new table set. Advertising got me again and I bought GE Reveal lightbulbs so we'll see if everything is truly more vibrant because of them. So I wait. Plus I need comfort food since I woke up this morning to a big sign of having a cold...I couldn't swallow. It's the type of cold where you feel hot and you keep swallowing to make sure it is still there. And oh yes, it is. The comfort food I'm craving is a brownie. But I'm missing eggs so I'm waiting for my brother for that too. Got to love big brothers. I'm also finding out that sisters in laws are awesome too.

Other than that, this weekend was a little odd. My friend O gave less than 24 hours notice for his 28th birthday party. I managed to take a nap on Friday and ask my sister in law, Aasiya, to come with the best puppy dog whimper I could. She said yes and we were off. It was pretty fun and a little strange to see pretty much all of the homies "hooked up". Which is great and I'm happy for them but it is strange. Felt like Bambi when it's spring and all the guys that said "ugh, girls have cooties", were suddenly changed. Interesting.

I have two tests next week but with this cold coming on, I don't think I'm going in to work. That would leave more time to study since I can't focus at all. Brain is starting to get cloudy and my body's starting to get achy as well. I did work on my mixed berry Manos scarf and it's almost finished. Just have to weave in ends and all that good stuff. It is really cute and I almost lost another one of my scarves to the open arms of my mom. She's sneaky, but I got it back. :)

Last night I was up late and Carrie was on. I don't think the newer movies like The Ring or Saw can compare to the scary movies made back in the day. Carrie is no joke along with Psycho and The Birds. It's just so wrong, makes me glad that my days of looking forward to prom are over. *shudder*

Time to plop down and watch the Oscars. The only movies in contention that I've seen this year are: The Aviator, Ray (Jamie Foxx will get it, for sure), Sideways, Closer (Clive Owen needs to win!), Collateral, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Shrek 2, The Incredibles, Troy, Supersize Me, The Passion of the Christ, Spider-Man 2, and I Robot. I saw more than I thought, should be a good show.

Hmm, brain is getting cloudy again and I keep swallowing. It's making my throat worse. Not much more to say. Be back later.

P.S. Thanks for the cool feedback on "Sorrow". Man that was depressing and I didn't get a chance to look at everyone else's submissions since it was so sad. Ugh, downer. On to the next!