Mind Numbing

Our job descriptions at work are changing and it's making us busier than usual. After I ran out of the doors, I was off to school. I've been trying to get into this beginning video editing class and I hope my persistence works. When I showed up yesterday, two people were absent. I hope they drop so I can take the class and get closer to graduating. So for now I just sit in class and try to be a fly on the wall. I don't have a real account set up or anything. I just hope I can get in and get another class under my belt. A lot of hoping going on lately.

Then the next class was Beginning Editing and that was mind numbing. After taking Beginning Reporting as a pre-requisite, this class is exactly the same! There won't be any writing of leads or stories but goodness, it is the same! So far everything is review. I should scan all the crazy doodles I wrote over my notes.

The wristbands order is complete! I'll post pictures soon. I would have been able to deliver them yesterday but I can't find my safety pins anywhere. Strange.


The wristbands have been sold! Here's a pic as promised. They say love, meow, rad, xoxo, yum and there is one special order that says rose.