Bye Bye Weekend

The weekend's over already. It was much too short. I went to my favorite make-up counter, Bobbi Brown, to get a blush brush and they were having an event. Make-up artists from San Francisco had come out here to pamper willing women for free! It was fun and the guy who did my face, Be, was a trip. He knew his stuff and he made my eyes very dramatic. Black gel eyeliner on the top and bottom. Woah. It was too much so I had to take off the bottom liner and then I loved it.


On Saturday I cleaned up and did some laundry. I don't know why I got caught up in the whole "bagless vacuum" trend but I shouldn't have. It's gross cleaning it out because I get dirt in a pile while emptying it. Then I vacuum again. I should have stuck to the ones with bags. Or maybe there's a trick I don't know about.

I worked on my wristband order most of the day while watching taped shows on cable. It is so great to just tape shows and not have to be at home when they come on. Most of the time I tape shows just so I can fast forward through the commercials. Aaah.


On Sunday I went to church. I had to kill a craving for Red Robin and chocolate and that happened when I hung out with Christian. He was more than ready to get out of the house so we ate. I had a Chicken Teriyaki Burger with a Rookie Magic. Yuummy! There was an hour and a half gap until the next showing of Sideways so we laid out in the sun. It was so pretty and the weather was nice and sunny for a change. I busted out my camera and made him my subject while I snapped away and learned about my new toy. Pictures are sans crotch shots since he explicitly said no to them being uploaded. They weren't meant to be crotch shots, it just turned out that way. *shrug*

Sideways was alright. I didn't love it, didn't hate it either. But that movie did make me want wine big time. And I'm not that into wine at all.

Did you have a good weekend?

**** We found out about this site in class. Odd and disturbing but I'm in awe about the flash.

Minix is the bomb. I need to use painter a LOT more.

Flight 2 is now available for pre-order!

I've been waiting patiently for the Digital Creative Arts Issue 15 to come out so I can use the Dubtastic brushes included on the cd. Can't wait!