The Aviator

I caught this movie last night and I thought it was well done. Leo DiCaprio is turning into a great actor and he deserved his Golden Globe for this performance. I had a feeling he would be wonderful after seeing "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", and "Romeo + Juliet" (one of my favorite films). After seeing this movie I did ask myself the same thing I asked myself after seeing "Ray". Are these films good or bad? I used to think biographies were good and the person they were about would possibly look back and be somewhat proud of their movie. For some reason I don't think Howard Hughes or Ray Charles would be especially "proud" of the movies that have recently been made about their lives. I guess I just have mixed feelings about these types of films.

Speaking as a woman who once had dreams of becoming an actress, acting in films like this is a dream. Going back in time and portraying a legend is awesome.

But lately, these films seem to do more harm than good in tarnishing the memory of the person it's featuring. It's good to see someone achieve no matter what was mentally ailing them like Howard Hughes. But at the same time, what's more important to share, Ray Charles' infidelities or his musical abilities?

Eh, it's early and I'm rambling.


Some new things are happening on the web.

Sew Dorky, home of the fabulous donut dolls, has a website :) I love the Kate Hepburn, Bavarian Creme, and The Vermonter. *swoon*

I'm late but the new JPG magazine has launched. I hope to have a photograph in there one day. I'm intimidated by the thumbnails alone since I don't have a copy yet.

Flight 2 will be out soon as well. This will be nothing short of spectacular. I can feel it :) Just look at the cover!