Hey! What's going on? I've wiped some beads of sweat away and now you can see what happened as a result. Some things have changed around here, finally! So take a look around.

Now I have time to share. So many new things.

First thing, the store has been updated and wristbands are for sale now. Also, the boutique that sells my wristbands re-ordered 11 more! So I need to start working on that order.


Umm...I wanted to thank everyone that wrote me and left comments on the site about the Canon Digital Rebel. I was having a major attack of cold feet but...I bought it this weekend. I was very intimidated by it when I was trying to understand it and get used to it. It's so different from my other camera. Little things like not being able to shoot in black and white and not being able to use the LCD as a viewfinder were throwing me off. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to take pictures without the flash besides using the no-flash setting. I'm not a big fan of using flash and rarely use it. Plus, in my research prior to buying the camera, I read about the dreaded ERR-99 message. Guess what? I got it. I've been using everything straight from the box, no additional lenses or anything like that. So I wasn't able to take any pictures and the camera wouldn't turn on. The camera was broken so I exchanged it last night. Hopefully this camera will have no problems. I'm trying to use it as much as I can before I turn in all of my info for the rebate. Any money made from my sales are still going towards paying off the camera, future lenses, etc.

School starts on Tuesday.

Sandra posted pictures of the tags I made for her. Here is one attached to a scarf. Looks great.

Brandi emailed everyone who was in the SNOW event and pictures have been posted! (2810-2813 are pics of moi and the teeny tiny booth)

Other than that I've just been updating this site. Movabletype whoops my butt every chance it gets. It's never easy for me. Now I'm trying to figure out how to update my archives template so it fits in with the overall look of the site. If you can offer any help, please do.

I have a three day weekend since MLK day is tomorrow. Reflecting on Martin Luther King Jr's accomplishments and struggles is hard for me to do every year. I thank God for him. This is an illustration I did of him over a year ago.

Oh yes, and thanks for the compliments on "Balance". Illustration Friday was a great idea!