A little cha-ching action.

crunchy and crisp Just finished icing my knees and that felt amazing.  I went to a new doctor yesterday  because my knees are still bothering me and I don't have the discipline to keep taking glucosamine.  Not seeing results and just needed a second opinion.  So I went and the new plan for wellness is an anti-inflammatory for two weeks.  It tastes like iron times a thousand, it's pretty bad.  But I kick it back and chew gum, resolution reached.  I also need to baby my knees so no exercise for two weeks, ice them every day for at least 10 minutes and no stairs.  My doctor said she could feel the inflammation below my kneecap so I am happy about this new course of treatment.  Reminders are set in my phone, it's all good.

On the no shopping front, I have done really well.  Today after a long hiatus I went shopping for mostly essentials though because no. 1 - Old Navy is having a kick butt sale for their 15 year anniversary and no. 2 - my mom and I got friend's and family 20 percent off coupons for Pottery Barn.  So I just picked up essential pieces, two tanks and a cardigan.  Got this black cross on sale for $18, used to be $90, a 5x5 frame and five minute hour glass (great for sketching) from Pottery Barn.  Not too bad.   I did try on these Frank boots by BCBG, they are sooo nice but, no jeans can fit in them.  Strictly all about skirts and under pants.  Affordable too!  Food for thought.

Thankful for:

♥ Getting to hold my friend's five-week-old baby and rocking him to sleep.  He is such a sweet potato. ♥ Spending quality time with my mom.  Must do that more.