Youtube Fan.

pinkishpurples I have been following a couple subscriptions on Youtube for awhile now and wanted to share.

Michelle Phan aka RiceBunny has beauty (makeup, hair and skincare) tutorials that are wonderful.  She can transform into anything and since Halloween is coming up she is posting Halloween makeup tutorials.  So far she has a geisha, barbie doll and vampire tutorial.  Her skills are sick.  Very impressed by the vampire one.  Being eager for New Moon to come out might be a reason too.

Antishay has been talking about her weight loss journey since 2008.  Her and her friends have had success in losing weight and it is inspiring to watch.  They try to stay Below The Yellow Line which means staying within a certain amount of calories per day.  Thoughts on raw food, different workouts (kettle bells!), and more.  Interesting stuff.

If you have a Youtube link to share, post it por favor!