Party Rabbit and Chat

Happy New Year! This is the last video from 2018! Hope you had a wonderful year and 2019 is even better for you.

I was on break (finally) so it was a lot of me time, time with the littles and hubs. Being homebodies, which is our FAVORITE. Until the kids get reckless and then we have to go out for something, anywhere, fast. :) It’s all good.

I painted a watercolor rabbit in this video while talking about break and what I made when I hosted Christmas at our house. :O Good times.

It’s the last year of our teens in the 2000s, enjoy! Talk to you soon and if you haven’t already, join my list to get 20% off your first order and get sneak peeks, art news, etc. Join here!



P.S. This is the red and blue sketching pencil I am in LOVE with. Soooo good.