Prima Watercolors First Impression - Pastel Dreams and Shirley Trevena

This palette is amazing. So vibrant, pigmented and soft. This is my second Prima palette and it does not disappoint!

There was one color that was shocking and it still is to me. Not sure if I’ll use it much because it is just crazy bright! But we’ll see. I’m just so happy to finally be able to use this palette. I purchased it awhile ago and I didn’t dive into it because I was saving it for this video for you.

I hope you love it, it was worth the wait and I have ideas for new prints using these paints. Must. Paint. Right. Now! :)

Also, I am super inspired by Shirlely Trevena lately. Just found out about her last week when I was at an art store checking out Black Friday sales and I bought this book. Her style and her work are just breathtakingly beautiful. She embraces white space like nobody’s business and I love how she believes you should connect to what you are painting, whatever that is. I completely agree, even if it is shoes, paint them. You will be more passionate painting shoes than landscapes if that is what you are more into anyway and the work will just be better.

Do you boo, enjoy the journey.

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