Crochet Taggin'.

ladies fancywork society I used to knit so much more back in the day.  Hats, scarves, one pair of fingerless mittens, etc.  I would visit Knitty all the time and Magknits when it was around too.  Oh and Skinny Rabbit too and I have been following her since Captain Destructo was teeny tiny!  Love her.  I have yet to join Ravelry though.  Really should do that, maybe I'll make a scarf for this winter.

When going to my brow appointment downtown yesterday (much needed, hallelujah!) I spotted this cozy on a tree.  I heard about this before but never saw it in person.  Pretty cool, everything needs a cozy.  Why not?  This one was by Ladies Fancywork Society.  I wonder how long it's been there.  Work it ladies.