Time out.

It's getting a teensy bit harder not to shop.  I have a love/hate relationship with it. It is so much fun for me to check out the latest and greatest items, the new store designs and getting new baubles.   I love Anthropologie but I think I love the way their store is designed even more.  Plus that is the first hang out spot my friends and I think of when we want some girl time to reconnect.  It is just fun.  But I've just been sick of the mall lately and also needed to scale back on spending so we can get more serious about our goals.

I'm enjoying the break from the mall.  Really enjoying it.  Fall and winter are coming and the catalogs are pulling me in.  I'll just dream for now and fill my imaginary shopping carts on the store sites I love.

Oh and the boots are going back.  Thank you ladies.

Enjoy the weekend!