The Nurturer.

At some point during this summer I wanted a new addition to our little household.  Not of the baby variety, so rest your eyebrows.  ;)  But a dog, fish, bird, something.  It was a little weird and intense.  So one weekend my husband and I went out and I announced, "We are coming back home with something!".  And we did.  This cutie patoot little geranium.  I named him George, after George O'Malley on Grey's Anatomy.  The plant had to have a name right?

This was supposed to be my thing but it soon became realized that the taking care of this plant ended up on Raul's list.  Every time I went to water it I got, "Ah ah, already watered".  When a rain was coming, he would move it underneath the overhang so it wouldn't get flooded.  Imagine when we have a yard someday!

It's pretty sweet actually.  Just look at how our little plant has flourished, he's proud of it and so am I.