Turtle butts and more!

more pics here

Camping is foreign to me.  Never did it growing up.  I've only been camping twice and even this camping ground had running water and a bathroom.  Raul and I did sleep in a tent without an air mattress though.  That counts as roughing it to me.  I was just glad to be able to see the Dunes without having to turn back around and go home.  It's a three hour drive for us so might as well stick around and see the sights.  We checked out this alligator farm that was funky smelling, woo wee.  But we got to see Morris the famous alligator from Happy Gilmore and Dr. Doolittle.  There were emus, ostriches, alligator wrestling and more.  AJ, Jo's husband, almost wrestled an alligator but the price was a little crazy.  One hundred bucks to learn how and then your clothes and shoes are ruined.  Yuck.  So that did not happen thank goodness.  The weekend was filled with smores, hiking, talking, lots of wind blowing around from around 8 p.m. to 1 in the morning and just having fun.

I don't know about going to Steamboat Springs in three weeks.  There are only porta-potties there.  Eh.