Handy girl E.

ruffles I just now put up my little inspiration wall in my office and it is the best.  I have been wanting one for so long, a little area filled with some of my favorite things other artists have done, I have done, whatever makes me smile.  So excited, that's probably why I'm not in bed yet.  Really should be getting some zzzs.

Carved a stamp yesterday and I think it needs more tweaking.  Maybe a print will come out of it, maybe not.  We'll see what the final outcome is soon enough.

I've been handy lately.  Really wanting to make big changes in our home and I like to take the reins too.  One big change was adding curtains in the bedroom.  I've been in my condo for a long time and just this spring the sun was just too much and sleeping in wasn't an option.  So my husband and I installed the rod and curtains and it is amazing what a small change like that can make to a room.  Now I'm especially hooked to making more changes.  The next move was upgrading our front doorknob because it was old and weathered, needed a face lift.  We did that last weekend and every little thing builds a little more confidence to move onto the next project.  Our blinds are looking especially sad so a blind consultation is scheduled for tomorrow.  Plus, I have different options on what to do with our fluorescent mega-light in the kitchen.  Wheels are turning and can't seem to stop.

If this feeling about home projects is similar to what people with tattoos say about once you get a tattoo you just want more, I'm in trouble.