Life is full of little accomplishments.

I love lists.  Crossing things off is addicting so I made up of list things that I need to accomplish quickly.  A key motivator for completing items?  Finally geting the iPhone.  Pretty good motivator eh?  I've never had a data plan, oh the possiblities.  My contract with TMobile ends on July 13, hopefully I can get the iPhone the day after.

Here's some of my list items:

  • Read The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 book
  • Read The Boss of You
  • Organize closet and dresser
  • Clean up flickr inbox
  • Clean up gmail inbox
  • Clean up home inbox
  • Back up anything that has not been backed up yet
  • Organize books that should be in the study and books that should be in the bedroom
  • Finish reading My Sister's Keeper
  • Correct more coding on the blog (If you know how to remove the time stamp and make the other pages like categories and search etc look like the index, let me know)

There is more but that is embarassing enough for now.