I get weepy sometimes.

These past few weeks have been bumpy emotion-filled ones.  We went on our trip to visit family that we missed like crazy, Edith (Raul's sister) and her family.  So we were really high with happiness and then it was time to say goodbye.  My uncle Peter had not been doing well for awhile and he passed on the day we came back home.  I didn't find out until Saturday and it didn't hit me until a little while ago.  Unfortunately my parents and I couldn't make it out to California for the funeral.  Then there was our one year anniversary filled with love and excitement for the future.

Looking at the pics of my dad and cherishing the time we have...just too much emotion and it hit me hard.   I'm blessed to have been able to spend so many Father's Days  and all the days in between with my dad.

I don't get weepy too many times but when I do it shakes me to the core.  Smiling now though.

How can you look at that pic of him and not?