Voting Feels...Good

I voted! Ahh, I feel a little better now. So, back to our regularly scheduled programming :) Here's a mini collage of the Harvest Party. The smiles were the best part.


As I write this, I have four hats blocking. The store will be updated with them shortly. The hats are so cute, cozy, and almost ready to go to their new homes. Shhh.


And lastly, here's my spoof ad that's due tomorrow. We also have to submit a smaller version of the ad at So wish me luck! I got 25/25 on my social comment piece. [Original version is 8"x10" 300 dpi and sent ad is 4"x6" 72 dpi]


Click to see larger image of spoof ad.

And you thought all the Halloween scary stuff was over? I don't know where all this dark content is coming from but I like the way this piece turned out. Creepy and gets the point across.

Now I'm off to class! Ciao!