On My Mind

*yawn* Hey there! What's up? It's freezing cold out here because everything's covered in a blanket of wet snow. I knew it was going to come some time. I'm glad you guys are digging the sexy heels for the snazzy theme. Your words made me smile, as usual. There were many more entries this time and I need to update my links. Rath - That's the exact same reason I switched too. The more classes I took, the harder it got to switch between my PC at home and the Macs at school. I couldn't depend on "lab time" to work on all of my projects. Yea right, you have to work on those puppies at home or on your own time. So now I'm a Mac girl, all the way.

Mipmup - thank you too, maybe I am putting spaces somewhere. I'm just glad I still have my clunky PC so I can test different platforms. (Sounds so professional.)

Well, I didn't get to see Ray this weekend like I hoped but other great things happened. I didn't have to go to my internship on Saturday (Thank GOD!) so I had some time to myself. I slept in, went to my eyebrow appointment (Sarah ordered another hat!), went to the mall to walk around and window shop, went to my secret shop where there are great vintage fabric finds (bought three for knitting needle/make up brush cases?), hung out at home, and went out for more salsa dancing with my girlfriends.

Sunday I went to church, went out to eat with my family, hung out, and then went to our Harvest Party at church. I love candy and kids dressing up to be whatever they want for one day but I hate Halloween. So as an alternative, my church has a Harvest Party where there are tons of games to play with, a huge indoor slide, and a petting zoo. The kids had so much fun! I helped out with one of the games where we had two plastic kiddie pools full of water with five rubber duckies each. The kids scooped up all the ducks in their net and then I'd give them candy. It wasn't a real game with winners and losers but the kids LOVED scooping up the little ducks. They liked dumping them back into the pool even more and I'd have hurry and get the net back before water was splashing everywhere. The kids were adorable though. This game was for the younger kids but I would get older ones and to make it more fun, I'd time them. They would be so excited when they heard it only took them three seconds to scoop up all the ducks. It's the little things I guess.

It felt good to have some fun and just see kids enjoying themselves and not worrying about the world around them. I have to admit I'm getting stressed out by the election. I try not to talk about politics on here because it's a safe and creative haven. For me at least. But I do feel this is the most important election in my lifetime and I'm voting tomorrow. No matter who you're voting for, it's important that you vote. Period.

I'm filled with a million different emotions about this election. Part of me just wants it to be over because I can't stand all of the ads (five in a row), going over the issues one more time, the heated debates between Republicans and Democrats, the information overload coming from every direction, and determining where that information is coming from. Is it credible? Are you doing enough research or too little? Another part of me is just confused and scared of change. When I was younger I didn't grasp the generation gap between my parents and I. Now I'm starting to see a gap of my own when I talk to my nephew. He's a freshman in high school this year and he's experiencing a totally different world than I did in high school. After I vote tomorrow I'll be working at my news station internship so I'll have non-stop election information in my face again. Woopee.

I just pray everything works itself out.