Heart Attack Hamburger

So today is a long day because I got up early for work, packed my stuff, went to work, and now I'm in the computer lab at school typing this. School starts at 5:45 p.m. and the ARISE meeting at church starts at 7 p.m. I have a quiz waiting for me in class and then I need to leave here so I can meet up with my friend and we can go to the meeting. So basically I had to eat something and it needed to last me from 3 p.m. on. I went to Red Robin since I was feening for it (I keep craving it lately) and I decided to try a burger that two of my colleagues LOVE. The Royal Robin. I've heard stories about old hamburger joints serving their famous burgers with a fried egg in between the meat and two buns. This was the first time I had it myself.

It's a heart attack waiting to happen. That was the first and last time I will ever have that burger. It had two slices of cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, beef patty, mayonaise (should have said light mayo but I scrapped off as much as I could), and a fried egg. Ugh, the first bite was interesting but after that it was just nasty. The only thing cute about it is the flash movie about it on their site. I'm going to stick to the Teriyaki Chicken Burger for awhile.


The only reason I was eating it was because I was hungry and I was trying to keep an open mind.

My mind is now closed on the Royal Robin. Blech.