Checking In

It's been awhile. I've been busy so I think that's a good thing. Thanks for all of the comments about my Smelly piece. It was fun to do. I'm a lover of garlic myself so I'm probably one of those smelly people, hehe. It was great to see everyone else's pieces as well. Big imaginations make me happy. This week is hard though. Fiesta? Still thinking about that one. So much happened since Friday: Strawberry and whip cream pancakes. Chocolate truffles. My brother changed my radiator fluid. Frogged and re-knit my Dad's Father's Day hat. Knit the same hat to sell to my friend Lucas. High fived my Nanny when I realized I knew what I was doing and could knit a complicated item without going to my local yarn store. Ordered some dangly earrings and a necklace from Urban Outfitters. Here, here, and here. Watched the Jimmy Falon special on SNL. It's weird to watch the show without him, he was hilarious. Grocery shopping. Cleaning. Lost my USB cable for my camera :( Completing homework assignments way before they're due and stressing myself out. Church. Watching my niece show me letters of the alphabet with her body. "This is a T", so so cute.

The usual stuff.

Today I'm getting worn out but there is a bright side. My church, Word Of Life Chirstian Center, is finally having a group for 19 to 29-year-olds. This age group has been neglected far too long so I'm interested to see what's said in this first meeting and hear the vision for this group as well. I have more to share and not enough time to share it so I'll be back. I hope the week is treating you well!

P.S. Jill - Thank you and good luck in NY!