From Scratch

My pet peeve number#878 is holding the door for someone that's coming up behind you and they either a) take their sweet time when you probably could have just closed the door on them and don't say thank you or b) speed up a little teeny bit and don't say thank you. I'm not a morning person. One of the things I'm looking forward to this summer is making things again. Last year I was able to make a mosaic, paper mache, knitted scarves and hats. This year I want to make something really cool like a light weight pashmina or beanie. Something feminine and light. :::daydreaming again:::

I've been catching shows here and there and this is my current line up. Have you been able to keep up with your shows?

(italics means I don't care if I miss it but if it's on, I'll watch it)

I Want a Famous Face (MTV) - Interesting indeed! There's an increase in teenagers getting plastic surgery and a bigger increase in teenagers requesting a face that looks like someone famous. I want MTV to do follow up interviews with these kids years after their surgery. Where are the other kids that aren't funded by MTV getting the money for this??

Inferno (MTV) - cattiness and fighting. Oh yea, and challenges too.

The Real World (MTV) - cattiness and fighting. Sans challenges.

The Bachelor - This is a trip. I wonder who the spy is. I have a hunch it's Trish because she was wearing the same dress as the spy when the spy has her face blurred out. Hmmm.

What Not to Wear - Educational fashion police. I love them because they still let the people be themselves, just a much more polished version. Kind of like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy only we're talking clothes here, not the whole package but close.

Designed to Sell - This show is smart because people learn how to show their homes. End up paying $1000 to make it show better and then get a much better offer for their home. Now if I could just catch it.

Designer's Challenge - Makes me daydream about spending a minimum of $35,000 to re-do ONE room in the house. Must be nice.

Friends - Ready for it to be over. The countdown of favorite shows is getting old fast.

Survivor - I can barely keep up with this show because of Friends coming on at the same time.

The Apprentice - Educational and I don't feel so bad for watching reality tv. Omarosa's crazy. Just plain crazy.

CSI - I can barely keep up with this show because The Apprentice starts at the same time.

Sopranos - I just want to see everyone destroy themselves in the end. I'm evil.

Alias - This is getting so good with double agents and such.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition - These homes are amazing and the people are so grateful and amazed. Makes me smile every time.