Brain Freeze

I think my time away made me lose my viewers. Time away can do that. I'm sitting here in the computer lab writing this when I should be working on my final project (making a surrealistic book on the four stages of man) for digital art. I'm turning into a procrasitnator as the semester winds down. I can't think of any ideas for this project or the other one. My brain seems to be frozen momentarily. However, I do have some tasty finds to share. Don't know why I didn't post them earlier and they're not that new, I'm just late.

McDonald's Crispy Chicken Salad - really good and good for you. I just wish the Mickey D's next to my job would get my order right. Just once.

Yogurt Parfait from Einsteins - so yummy. I can't eat all of the blueberries.

Vanilla Almond Special K - I'm usually addicted to Oatmeal Crisp Almond but I decided to switch it up and it was a GOOD decision. This cereal is tasty and I usually eat it til my stomach hurts. No self control.

Quaker Oats Toastables - a healthy alternative to Pop Tarts. Plus, I think they taste better anyway. Delish!

By looking at my mini list you probably think I'm extra healthy but I'm not. This is a new thing and I'm liking the change.