Absence Sucks

sisters From time to time you'll see a snarky comment from my friend Jay.  This shot is of his daughters.

I couldn't let another day pass without saying something here.  In the past ten days I've had a tetanus shot (I am a huge wuss when it comes to needles) and have been helping the economy by shopping like a mad woman.  Not too out of control but some new boots were in order and they are adorable!  In two days the hubby and I will have been married for nine months.  I feel like things are just now starting to level out in our ratio of things-to-do/sit-down-already.  As you can see, when I've got other things to do it gets a little harder for me to multi-task.  Case in point, this blog.

I've been thinking about doing a challenge on flickr like "365" where you take a shot every day for a year.  It may be time for me to start doing something like that.  The first photo challenge I did was called "26 Things" and it fanned the flame for my love of photography.  One of the things that has me at a standstill over here has been organizing.  On top of that I have been working with Lightroom and Photoshop instead of solely editing in Photoshop and I am starting to love Lightroom.  I can't do everything in it but it's great when I'm working with a batch of images.

So I'll post when I post and it should be quicker.  I feel pressure of what to say, does every post have to have a photo?  Etc, etc.  I hope you stick around in the process though.