Lovey Dubey

chilly Happy Valentine's!  I used to be a huge grump about this day but I'm not the same.  Lots has changed.

I love:

  • My Super Great Husband
  • Anyone that sits still so I can shoot them (thanks!)
  • Family, I have the best and it's hard to squeeze everyone in as much as I want to
  • Old and new friends
  • The new camera bag, it's made my life so much better
  • Adele, I constantly have her on rotate

Last weekend I got senior shots and that was excellent.  We even got kicked off the grounds of the outdoor mall.  Funny how someone always has a problem with people with a camera.  We changed locations and everything went great from there on.  The pic above is one of the shots from last Sunday.

Just renewed my flickr membership too, couldn't say goodbye just yet.  I love flickr, need to post more to it though.