My friend came over last night and got me on the Internet. Thank God for friends because technical support is clueless. I'm still trying to get my mind wrapped around this technology that lets me work on my laptop in my dining room, study, bedroom, etc. I was importing my photos while lying in bed and fell asleep. After going to work, stopping by the computer store to get an adapter I didn't need, going to the internship (I created a hurricane Frances graphic that was on the air!), going to school after hours to drop off paperwork, coming home, and having my friend stop by to troubleshoot the computer, I was exhausted. Now it's Saturday and I'm refreshed and ready for a long weekend. So happy for Labor Day. This weekend I need to learn as much as I can about this computer, work on homework, and hang out. So far I'm loving being a mac girl! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Labor Day weekend full of love and fun!