"Darkside, this is Erika." "Erika, this is the Darkside."

"I'll leave you two alone." host slyly walks away

Well I'm here. My beautiful, sexy, stylish, and efficient Powerbook G4 arrived! I didn't get to bed until 11:30 last night messing with this and tinkering with that. It was better than Christmas! As I write this on a PC, my Mac is installing OS X. The fun begins. The first little eye opening thing I noticed was that when I was installing the Ipod software, I had some windows open and I needed to restart. When the computer was done rebooting, my windows were still intact. Odd.

Looking back, August was full of wonderful things. There was my birthday, a ton of birthday wishes from fabulous people all over the world, a workshop with Brandi Shigley, the start of school, cupcakes, a new sewing machine, a wedding, a baby shower, the launching of the store, spending time with family, etc.

Who knew September would be so full of suprises too! I never thought I would have a Mac and here I am. At this time I don't have some programs so that's a little frustrating. I need Excel, Word, Photoshop CS, Illustrator CS, and Dreamweaver. Still too many blessings to count though.

This is going to be fun.