20 Minutes Before...

...class and I'm getting bitten by the Mac bug again. Why does everything look so much better on a Mac??? Still scared of them though and my PC restarted itself again this weekend. Destiny? Kismet? Fate?

Freakay ;)

edit- Friendly Debate: Okay all you Mac lovers, I need your help. I am a photojournalism major, digital media minor, and the closer I get to graduating the more it is becoming clear that I need to have a Mac. I've been on a PC platform forever and I still call technical support every once in awhile. I've heard Macs are pretty common sense and less convoluted than the PC platform. I guess my biggest fear is to purchase a Mac and getting frustrated from trying to learn the basics when I have assignments I could be starting on right away on a PC. Basically, is learning how to use a Mac a quick and simple thing or does it take awhile to thoroughly understand it?

Sidenote - Although laptops are portable, I prefer desktops over laptops.

So if you have/love a Mac, why do you? What model do you have? What would you suggest is a must to have when one is buying a Mac?

Yesterday was the first day of school so I need your help quickly. Lend me your ears and your opinions. Thanks!!

Gina - The only other thing that makes me drool more than the Digital Rebel are the huge flat screens for Macs. *drool*