Fellow Leo

Once I got past waking up and freaking out thinking I had to go to work, rolled back over and went to bed, the weekend was blissful.

One of my all time favorite movies is Westside Story but the collector's version wasn't in stock so I got two of my other favorite movies. The Graduate and The Wedding Singer. This weekend was full of movies because I also watched The Butterfly Effect (love Ashton Kutcher in a more dramatic role, this movie was unexpectedly freaky), Kill Bill (3rd time), Kill Bill 2 (2nd time). I LOVE the Kill Bill movies. Excellent dialogue, plot, acting, etc. I still love Pulp Fiction too but I can't sit through Reservoir Dogs. *shudder*

Hung out and finished my Fish. Seaming is all that's left and you know how much I love that. Saturday was filled with a completely lazy me which felt really good. I did draw and the illustration above is what I have to show for my laziness.


Sunday I went to church and then went to my friend's daughter's birthday party. Cutie patootie turned four and she got one of my suprises that I've mentioned once or twice here. A two-toned pink ribbed skull cap. I think she loved it by the way she was running around with it on and posed for my photos :) She is so cute and it was a cool Barbie birthday party filled with friends and delicious cake and ice cream.

Fall semester starts today and my internship starts on Wednesday. Thanks for your congratulations! I think I'm more excited about the internship than school. I'll save money on parking since I only have to go on campus twice a week. One class on campus and the other online and since I've never taken an online course, I'm a tad bit nervous. I really wish I could graduate already and be done with this hectic schedule I've been keeping. I did pick up some yarn today so keep an eye out for a new sparkly edition to the store :)