Dahlia - Where Art Thou?

Awhile ago I wrote about getting a plant for a roommate. I don't usually do well with plants that are dependent on soil and this experience is proving to be exactly the same. My dahlia refuses to sprout flowers and I've been watering her religiously. I don't know what the deal is so I just look at the old picture of her with a flower showing and sigh.

I did manage to sit down and work on my sewing machine. I managed to make a tiny pillow/sachet type object out of beige linen and I stuffed it with cotton balls, hehehe. Then I just decided to go for it and started cutting fabric to make a needle case from an idea I had. I remembered how the case came together in my Stitch N Bitch and just put my own together with a slightly heavy denim fabric with vertical stripes and the inside is a lightweight (doubled up) flowery fabric. I think it's pretty good for being my first project with finished edges.

When something doesn't look right, I tend to shrug it off and keep going. I've slowly learned one can not do that when one is knitting and it's the same thing with sewing. The seams were coming out fine on the front and back but suddenly the top of the stitches looked great while the bottom had a ton of loopty loops. They didn't match. But I kept going, I think that made a looser stitch but I don't mind so much since it's a knitting needle case. Now if it was something where tension was involvied, it would fall apart quickly. I'll post pictures of the creations today!

*Aw man - I see others making beautiful sweaters and such from Rebecca Magazine. Do these magazines come in English? So many cute patterns I'd love to turn into cute things to wear like these (#1 especially) and these (#4 and $5 especially). :(

*I found this link showing the pattern in English! So maybe all of the magazines show the patterns in English as well. I need to add this chica to my links too, she's like a mini skinny rabbit :)