Pop Pop

Life is full of popping cherries and yesterday I just popped another one. I am no longer a sewing machine virgin!! I got it all hooked up, set up the main spool, threaded my bobbin, tried some stitches while adjusting the width and length. Look ma, no hands! The card table does shake it's bon bon a lot while I'm winding the bobbin but it's not so bad when I'm actually sewing material. I have a white thread in it right now but I keep envisioning royal purple thread. I don't have much planned after work today so I can't wait to get back to it. Zig zag stitches are so much fun.

"Me Likey" a.k.a. Things I Wish I Had Enough Time to Make -

Wouldn't this be really cute in GGH Soft Kid or Rowan Kidsilk Haze? [very ambitious thinking since I have yet to finish my Skully]

I love this, wouldn't change much of it at all [more ambitious thinking]

Just when I thought I had my cupcake fix handled, she draws cupcakes again. *sigh* So creative it's crazy.

Last but not least I have some new lovely linkage from Rubber Sol. Thanks for linking me chica :)

*SPECIAL ALERT* - everyone that's sending good vibes and positive words about my store, thank you very much! now head on over and buy some art or a baby hat for you or a friend! :) hehe