Are you watching the Olympics? The opening ceremonies were just beautiful. It's been awhile since I've seen a performance with that much thought and beauty put into it. It was amazing how the designers infused so much Greek culture into it. Some parts that stuck out to me were the blue angel, the centaur, the sculpture that broke into pieces, the pregnant woman and the dna light show, and the little boy in the paper boat. Oh and I can't forget the young lover dancers splashing around in the water. Simply beautiful. Yesterday I ran out to see Collateral and I thought it was very good. Must see! I love Tom Cruise anyway but I really love him as a villain. Get more roles like that Tom, please. Jamie Foxx is a great average joe as well. The best thing about the film was that it was intelligent and although it was shot with high quality cameras it looks like it was shot with a high quality home video camera. The style of the movie was engaging. It didn't have any holes that I could see and it kept you interested. Made you pay attention to the dialogue and the characters. No zoning out for parts you've probably seen before and know exactly how the puzzle pieces will connect. Another movie for my movie library. Definitely.

Now, back to the Olympics! :)