Fridays - My Endless Love

Thank GOD for Fridays. I almost slept in this morning. I was sleeping so well and I didn't want to get up for anything. I haven't gone straight home and vegged out all week. Everyday I was doing something whether it was celebrating my birthday (still on woo hoo status!) or running errands. Then there were multiple training sessions at work as well. I think this is the longest I've gone without opening up my presents. It's depressing. Brand spanking new sewing machine still taped up in the box. I am opening it today!! Must play with gift!! I don't have a sewing table so I was checking this out. It's not the greatest but it's affordable and could do the trick. Plus it's not just available in the store so I can get it shipped. When is IKEA going to build a store out here?? I've never even been inside one but I like their designs. I don't have to have an actual sewing table but a clean lined desk with a little storage would be great.

Yesterday I left work , went to a local seminar, and when I got home I fell on the couch. Got a teeny bit of vegging out time watching the season finale of "Last Comic Standing" and worked on my Skully. One sleeve done! One sleeve to go! This is my first adult sweater so I keep running into the bathroom to try it on and make sure everything's turning out the way I want it to. I'm getting there. Sweater should be ready for fall :)

Next week is my last week of summer. Then school starts on the 23rd. I'm doing extra running around so I can do things that I won't be able to do when school starts. Like running to see a movie after work or making a bee line to a yarn store after work. Run here, run there, crash. That has been my routine and it probably won't stop this weekend. Any big plans for the weekend?