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Painting a Bear with Three Colors - Color Mixing Online Course

I loved painting this bear! When you color mix, you can just use the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) and get a whole range of colors. So I used this staple set of watercolors by Designs by Rachel Beth.  Dance with Me gives you the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) along with a gray/green and a purple berry shade.  It’s pretty versatile and I color mixed using my color mixing skills, to get the neutral brown for the bear and other colors using just 3 total.

I painted the brown by mixing three of the colors together and used it in the sunflowers and bear. I played with the values of the blue for the overalls and mixed red and blue to get a purple. That purple was added into the overalls. I kept incorporating the same three colors in different ways throughout the bear painting and that’s why it ended up being cohesive. My pieces have gotten stronger by understanding colors and color mixing to make my own unique colors. Just look at the rich greens in the flowers, this was from mixing different levels of yellow with blue and using layers!

You can grow in confidence in your painting as well when you take this color mixing course for beginners. Can’t wait to see you in class!

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Designs by Rachel Beth Watercolors - Dance with Me - First Impression/Swatches

This is a good and practical set of watercolors by Designs by Rachel Beth.  Dance with Me gives you the primary colors (red, yellow and blue) along with a gray/green and a purple berry shade.  It’s pretty versatile and I color mixed using my color mixing skills, to get the neutral brown for the bear and other colors using just 3 total.

The colors mix well and you can get a nice value range from them too. I loved building up my layers in my painting with this palette, so nice.

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Speed Paint - How I Paint Watercolor Floral Crowns or Wreaths

Hey guys!  I got a request for a video showing how I paint a floral wreath.  For some reason I kept thinking floral crown and that is the video I made.  Pretty much the same premise, just not in a circle.  I put floral crowns on my animal characters and they are just too cute!  

I draw my character in pencil with a little blank area where the crown goes.  I love drawing lightly in pencil with my favorite mechanical .3 pencil.  I try to keep a color palette in mind, bridal magazines or boho brides on Pinterest are a great reference point for ideas.  Even floral arrangements would work.  Once I have this in mind, I start with big organic flower shapes first with my small round brush.  Leaving space for mid-size flowers and then smaller flowers, leaves and berries.  

I wait for the first layer to dry before I paint anything next to what I already painted.  This way, I am not painting wet into wet and getting a big watercolor mix of all of my colors.  If you do want a gradient effect, wait until the paint is like 3/4 dry and then paint next to that wash.  Then they will mix together a little bit and dry beautifully.  

Here is everything I love in my watercolor kit.  From paints to brushes to paper.  

Let me know if this was helpful and if you paint your own floral crown or wreath, I'd love to see!

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Speed Paint - How I paint with neocolor IIs

I love Neocolor IIs.  There.  I said it.  They are the best!  I just found out about them last October when I went to see a local artist with my friend.  He paints with his 6 year old daughter and they described their work together as a conversation, so sweet.  They had all types of media for us to play with after their talk and I think they were either Faber Castell or Crayola water crayons.  Either way, I was loving them and my friend said there were professional grade ones I should try.  

I quickly asked if she had any plans afterward so we could go to the art store, she didn't so we went!  You can get these neocolors individually or in tins in a packs of 10, 15, etc.  I started slow with a pack of 15 but once I got them, I knew I wanted more and I headed back to the art store to get some individual colors.  

The way I paint with them is to put down a little bit of the pastel with small marks and then I blend it out with water on my watercolor brush.  With my angel birds, I used a waterbrush dipped in water.  I don't like using waterbrushes as they are intended. I start with a light layer and when that is completely dry, I will make another mark and blend out.  Building up the values just like with watercolors is the beauty of it for me.  The pigments are intense and the color range is just wonderful.  I highly recommend these, so much fun!

These are my favorite colors so far:

Yellow Orange


Turquoise Blue

Have you used neocolors?  If so, how do you use them?  Let me know :)

This print is available here.

Behind the Scenes - Brave Boho Bird

I recently painted this beautiful boho bird with my new Cat's Tongue brush by ZEM Brush.  If you want to see how I painted it, step by step, I am sharing my process over at  I highly recommend their brushes, especially these:  

Use code ERIKA10 to get 10% your order!  This Brave Boho Bird is also available in my shop.


Original Watercolor Art Auction - The Unicorn on Aqua Board

I have two things I want to push past; painting bigger and offering original art.  So I'm having an art auction this week to help reach one of my goals!  Baby steps right?  

This is a sneak peek of a 4"x4" aqua board painting.  This is a one of a kind original hand painted piece of art, there will never be any prints made because of the surface it was painted on.  This surface is like a ceramic tile in weight and texture, there is no need to frame it.  I think it looks best either leaned against a surface like books on a desk as well as laid flat.  It is unsealed, painted with watercolor and the fine details were made with my trusty .03 mechanical pencil. It's fragile, so I would advise limited touching on the surface.  

Unicorns are magical and this one is no exception.  I will hold the auction on Instagram (@fluximagery) since that is where my party is the biggest.   Doors open on Wednesday, April 19 at 2 p.m. MT. and close on Friday, April 21 at 2 p.m. MT.

Details for entering:

  • Follow me, @fluximagery, on Instagram
  • Like the Instagram post (full picture of unicorn art) (public profiles only please)
  • Tag a friend
  • Like my Facebook Page - Fluximagery by Erika Barriga (get ahead of the game and Like it now)
  • Bid in $5 increments (minimum) and when you bid, tag the person who bid last
  • When the auction closes I will verify the winner and Direct Message the winner to let them know they won
  • Once payment is completed via a Paypal custom listing, the winner will be publicly announced on Instagram.  
  • If there is any issue with payment for any reason, the person who bid second to last will be the winner.
  • This auction is for US only (apologies out of country friends)
  • Shipping and taxes totalling $7 will be added to the final bid amount
  • *Insurance and expedited shipping are optional and if chosen, winner will pay for these options.

Let me know if you have any questions and please share this news with a friend!  I so appreciate your support, this is going to be fun! :) Good luck!

Jane Davenport Watercolor Palette - Neutrals - Review and Talk Through

A new video is up! I got my hands on this Jane Davenport Neutrals watercolor palette and tested it out with a bird painting.  I also showed my un-boxing over here as well.  I post the supplies I absolutely love over here

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Reindeer Squad and Christmas Sweater Birds are Here!

On Dasher, on Prancer, on Dancer and Vixen!  On Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blixen!  Can't forget about the star, Rudolph too.  I had SO much fun sketching, drawing, painting and designing the little outfits for this Reindeer Squad.  They are now available as mugs, clocks, phone cases and more in my Society 6 store.  I'm working on another design with all of them together, the whole crew in full effect.  

My process started with figuring out how I wanted to draw reindeer in the first place so I played around with the heads and body proportions.  I wanted them to work together nicely visually so I picked a cohesive color scheme by color mixing primaries and focusing on red, blue, purple and green.  The clothes were especially fun because that is where their littler personalities come out.  I forgot there is only one lady reindeer, Vixen, and I had so much fun painting her dress with peter pan collar and striped stockings.  Of course I had to paint another girl reindeer (rainbow dress) who isn't part of the immediate squad but a friend all the same.  

The Christmas Sweater birds are listed in my shop now too.  They are rocking sweaters that say "Joy", "Noel", "Ho Ho Ho", "Peace" and "Hope".

This was fun and sparked new project ideas, which is the whole point of a creative challenge to me.  Had a blast.

Watercolor Project Update

Oh my goodness you guys.  I have been gone for a minute and I've missed you. I've been Periscoping pretty randomly and with the lack of daylight due to daylight savings, it's killing me.  I usually scope or film in natural light so since that's limited, I'm at a loss.  I have been re-focusing everywhere but this blog.  So, let's see.  I've been painting and when I finished the 100 day challenge I updated my Etsy shop with new watercolor prints from that challenge as well as adding new photos to show the prints themselves too.  I hope that helps with envisioning how they look in real life and they are super cute.  Could be a little biased though.  I joined Society 6 forever ago as well but I updated that too so now there are more cute characters on phone cases, totes, mugs, pillows and more.  I don't know when they made changes but it is so much easier to add products now.  Check them out and follow me there!  

I've been painting two side projects, The Reindeer Squad and Christmas Sweater Birds (birds in Christmas sweaters that say Joy, Peace, Noel, etc, eep!).  I've only shared little sneak peeks on my Instagram (@fluximagery) so far but I will be launching those designs very soon.  Join my newsletter so you don't miss a single update.  The prints and products available make great gifts!  After all, Christmas is right around the corner.  

Love this time of year!