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I’ll walk you through the baby steps needed to add a tiny bit of creative thinking to your day to day. That’s all it takes.

1 on 1 workshops (LIVE & Online via a mobile device)

WATERCOLOR mIXING: A beginner’s guide to color harmony - instant access

Instant access to an online painting workshop. By the end of this class you will know how to mix the colors of the rainbow with just three watercolor paints and understand how colors work together in different combinations.  Making your artwork even more beautiful because the colors harmonize seamlessly.

Give yourself permission to gain confidence and continuity in your art!

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Wonderful course! I went through it to add my own graphics to my printables. I absolutely loved it and am feeling so good about painting with watercolors now. Something I’ve been wanting to do forever, but didn’t dare to. It’s a very good breakdown of what can be a daunting subject, turned into a simple, non-overwhelming and fun project. Absolutely in love with my paintings already. Thank you Erika!” - Color Mixing Course Student - Lucienne Beau

"I like how you present your course because it hits the right target of people like me. Who hoard art supplies, watch all the YouTube videos but never feel confident enough to try it myself. Your course honestly just made me feel "You know what?! Let me pull out my things and try this! And I'm hooked. Thanks again!" - Color Mixing Course Student - Clarissa


“It always seems impossible until it's done” - Nelson Mandela

Planner Printables and Courses

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Your child will unlock a new creative watercolor painting skill this summer and from the comfort of your own home.  I will teach your child how to paint with watercolor; live and one on one via a mobile device.  The class is three days long, each day has a one hour session.

Watercolor Wonder hour

Paint with Me Live - A mermaid, whimsical girl or bear project - 1 hour


paint with me live - basics, color mixing & foundation - 1 HOUR AND 30 MINUTES

Do you have things you want to do but you just don’t have enough time? You go to bed at night thinking about all of the things you could have done and not what you accomplished?

I juggle many day to day “things” while still making time for the precious things that light me up. Some examples would be art, reading books, drawing, taking a new class, spending time with my family, planning vacations, etc (and not in that order). :) I outlined what steps I consistently make daily so I could write more books, make more art and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Baby steps are where it’s at and they all count. I figure out what three things per day will make me feel like a rock star along with feeling like I’m actually getting somewhere and I make them happen.

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Erika Barriga’s watercolor characters put a smile on my face every time they pop up in my Instagram feed. I watch her regularly on Periscope and I’m always looking forward to seeing what she’s working on next. She’s got a unique perspective, a singular artistic voice and paints with passion. She knows how to inspire her followers to creative heights, gives individual attention and quality instruction to every viewer involved. The work she does never stops amazing me.

-- Melinda Beavers

Erika is such a sweet lady. I have learned so much from her about how to slow down and be patient - which is NOT my strength. I've gained time management and communication skills as well as learned about her art and watercolors. She is quite the wealth of information, I highly recommend working with her on your project!

--- Rana Cho

Virtual Watercolor Summer Camp with Erika was such a great experience for us! I was a little hesitant to try an online summer camp for an 8-year-old, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. Erika was very patient—both with my daughter and with the tech glitches on our end—and my daughter was able to expand her artistic knowledge and feed her passion. In the comfort of our own home, no less! If you're looking for an instructor who is kind, patient, talented, and who doesn't require hours of back-and-forth in traffic, Erika is your woman!

-- Lynn Daue