Technical Difficulties

hard work Looks like I am experiencing technical difficulties again.  My laptop will not charge and my Applecare is expired.  So that means any repairs are coming out of my pocket.  I hope it is just a problem with the power supply.  If I have to make a major change, I think I'm going to go with an iMac this time around instead of another laptop. 

So much for mobility but maybe it will help with me just sitting in one place and getting things done.  Like the Alphabet Project...ahem. 

What are your thoughts about desktops vs. laptops?  What do you use?


twirl I'm not sure what I was doing when my grandma called me upstairs as a little girl. I climbed up the stairs and there were my parents and my grandma, smiling the biggest smiles. There was a brand new Intellivision all set up for playing. I couldn't believe it. I started playing and it was over. I was a gamer.

My dad and I would challenge each other on our favorite game, Burgertime. He'd get off work and the first thing I would tell him was how I had beaten the current high score. It was so much fun playing it together! The objective is to hurry up and walk over items on a hamburger to make them drop down to form complete burgers below. We would say, "Watch out!" to psych each other out.  Salt was your weapon to kill the little guys trying to kill you. It was fun.

I've always had a system.  I think it goes Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Gameboy, Dreamcast, Playstation 2 and Gamecube.  I don't think I ever owned a Sega. Currently I have a PS2, an XBOX 360 (won it at work last year and I almost fainted) and a DS Lite.  I've gotten back into the game playing Gears of War on the XBOX and I have Raul training his brain along with me on Brain Age 2 for the DS.

I'm going to get back to Brain Age 2, my brain isn't 80 years old anymore, now it's 62!  The game is working ;)

Lay Me Down to Sleep

In two minutes I will be knocked out. If you're new here, you will notice some changes. I have submit myself to Wordpress and I feel squishy. I've been trying to have a showcase of images on the old format but now the whole thing is in Wordpress and hopefully nothing crazy happens. Wish List

I would like to change the order of the pages on the right. I would like the images on the work page to be bigger. I would like the first page a visitor enters, after the intro, to be the work page. For the date to be removed from all of the pages. For the Home link on the side to read Blog instead.

More to come I'm sure. If you have any knowledge or wisdom of how to make these wishes come true, show yourself. ;)


I will be checking out forums tomorrow, but tonight, too sleepy.