Kiss for Rabbit?

rabbit kiss? This rabbit found some mistletoe and isn't sure if he's going to get a smooch or not.  Told ya I still have Christmas on the brain.

Happy New Year!  I surprised myself by not only staying up til midnight (and going to bed right at 12:15 a.m.), but we organized the pantry.  What a party animal right?  Just glad we squeezed that in before 2013.  We spent the whole day wrapping up the office, closets and then the pantry.  Today was just a low-key start to the year.  We stayed in. We stayed in pjs all day.  I finished up this watercolor painting. Cleaned the bathrooms and did my hair.

For this year I plan on watching less TV, reading more, painting more, having an even better year for my shop than last year.  Oh and I will post more, I think that needs to improve, don't you?