The 100 Day Project - Art Challenge Tips


The 100 Day Project (#the100dayproject) is the first daily practice project I have taken seriously in awhile.  Right now I'm on Day 10 (follow @fluximagery on Instagram) and while the project is fun, it is definitely challenging and that is one of the reasons why I signed up.

Here are some things that have helped me along the way with being consistent and enjoying the journey.

Be Prepared

Being as prepared as possible is a HUGE help.  I am making 4”x4” watercolor originals daily and they are for sale.  IE. Day 1 is $1, Day 2 is $2, etc.  When I first wanted to start this, I was going to make 5”x5” illustrations but then I quickly realized I would be burning through a lot of watercolor paper quickly.  So I went with Fluid hot press, 8”x8” watercolor blocks.  Instead of measuring out the 4 inch sections on each sheet from scratch, I cut a 4”x8” template out of sturdy UPS mailer packaging.  This is such a timesaving template and helps me get straight to the painting when I’m limited on time. 

Set a Time

During the week my lunch break is the best time to get my painting completed and it's been working for me.  Once you figure out what time works for you, stick with it.  Be realistic, set a time in your calendar if you must and commit to that time.  Last week was my first weekend of the challenge so I got it done in the first half of the day because once we leave the house as a family, you never know when you will get back home.  The natural light is gone and the day is pretty much a wash for the challenge.  Commit to a time that works, do it, check it off and you'll feel great!

Set Parameters

I am not the best example of this but set some parameters for your project.  Choose the same supplies to use over and over, the same size of art pieces, etc.  It's nice to not have too many variables to make individual decisions about daily and it will help with turning your work into a finished product later if you go that route.  Mine is turning into 100 days of watercolors so far.

Be Kind

Be nice to yourself, for me I committed to showing every painting on Instagram and other social media for 100 days.  This is not easy, I am not 100 percent happy with each painting but I need to keep the negative self-talk in check.  This is the same for you, you can be your worst critic.  There are times when I post something that I think is cringe-worthy and it gets the best response from others.  You never know, if you bring a smile to one person, be happy.  Also remember that this is a learning challenge and no matter what, you learned something.


Reach out to others who are working on the same challenge you are.  There is strength in numbers and they can encourage you when you see them sticking with it and vice versa.  It’s can be easier when you make the effort to connect to this community that is trying to do the same thing you are.

I hope these tips help you with your 100 Day Project or any other challenge you decide to take on.  What tips have you learned that help you with art challenges?  

Inquiring minds want to know.

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