My First Fabric!

raspberry bird and leaves fabric

A long time ago I painted a watercolor of green leaves and someone had suggested I make a print out of it.  There is a great site called Spoonflower where you can submit designs and they will turn those designs into fabric.  So fast forward probably three years later and I have made my first fabric.  I love how it looks and the quality is just better than I imagined.  There is a blizzard coming so I scanned in the fat quarter proof I ordered.

raspberry bird and leaves fabric fat quarter

What do you think?  So now I have one print for sale and I can't wait to make more.  Whenever I can get more time I want to learn how to screen-print as well.  Never done it and would love to see what it's like.



This is the 25th print in my shop!  My friend Christie gave me the best tip for loosening up.  Now before every painting I am painting horizontal lines, vertical lines and numbers all over my cheapo watercolor paper.  This is so helpful because even if you think you don't need to warm up, you do.  Every time.

I love learning more and more about this medium.  It can be tricky but I enjoy how the colors melt into each other and how you can't plan everything.  There is a little bit of surrendering that is involved and it's nice.