IF - New

christmas bear Christmas is over? Bah humbug!  Can't be, I love it too much and it is flooding my sketches still.  ;)

This is my attempt for Illustration Friday's word, New.

I'm enjoying my vacation and all of the organization for months is paying off now.  All we have left is my side of the master closet (ahem), Raul's office/my sewing room and the pantry to go.  I love ABFOL and the biggest takeaway from her site was the mail system.  That is by far the best thing for us because we don't continually each have a pile of mail to go through for each of us.  We have a folder for each of us, a TO PAY folder, and a TO FILE folder.  That way we can go through our own folders when we want to and there is no paper trail or paper piles all over.  For coupons I got a little zip up pack from the Container Store and I keep that in the main car we drive.  That way the coupons are always with us on the go.  Plus I installed apps for Michaels and JoAnns so I can have their most up to date coupons as well.

Do you have any organization tips?  I am pretty much obsessed with it now.